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We endeavour to create an atmosphere where each child feels safe and secure and is respected as an individual.  We support, praise and ensure some form of success for each child, so that he/she may increase his/her self esteem.

"The right kind of education is not possible `en masse'.  To study each child requires patience, alertness and intelligence.  To observe the child's tendencies, his aptitudes, his temperament, to understand his difficulties, to take into account his heredity and parental influence and not merely regard him as belonging to a certain category - all this calls for a swift and pliable mind, untrammelled by any system and prejudice.  It calls for skill, intense interest and above all, a sense of affection."

                                                                        Krishnamurti (1955)          
                                                                        Education and Significance of Man

We aim to establish a happy and hardworking atmosphere based on an interrelationship of respect and care between teachers’, teachers and pupils’, and pupils’ care of each other. Such atmosphere and ethos enable pupils to behave positively and to develop self-confidence.

Governing Body Mission Statement

We fully endorse the above statement.  The means of achieving this objective is by giving the staff of the school our fullest support.

The school's success is based on a fair, stable and well organised environment.

The endeavour for high expectations and standards are duly acknowledged.

The School Governors

Cllr. Llinos Medi Huws
LEA 01/09/2013 01/09/2017
Mrs Llio Johnson (CHAIR) LEA 19/09/2011 19/09/2015
Mrs Mary Hughes LEA 01/10/2014 01/10/2018
Ms Fiona Owen Parents 01/09/2013 01/09/2017
Mrs Jackie Thomas Parents 01/09/2014 01/09/2018
Mrs Llinos Edwards Parents 01/09/2014 01/09/2018
Mrs Gwen Mainwaring Parents 01/09/2014 01/09/2018
Mr John Jones Minor Auth 01/09/2012 01/09/2016
Miss Yvonne Jones Teachers 01/09/2012 01/09/2016
Mr Eurwyn Jones Community 01/10/2014 01/10/2018
Mrs Elin Wynne Community 01/10/2014 01/10/2018
Mr Aled Roberts Community 19/09/2011 19/09/2015
Mr Llyr Rees Headteacher    
Mrs Cathrin Jones Clerk 01/09/2014  




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